Great Hippodrome of Constantinople

Imaginary scenery of Hippodrome

Constantinople was one of the biggest capital of ancient times, it was so impressive that many civilzations came to this capital city to witness this glory such as Vikings and others. It can be compared with today’s New York. It seems that its glory hasn’t finished yet in spite of latin invasion.

In recent years, the treasures of ancient Constantinople are shining again. One of them was a hippodrome of the capital. It was the symbol of empire like other hippodromes in the Roman Empire. It was collapsed and changed in the history but its glory has never gone. It is still living with us. It is old and retired but a great treasure. Unfortunately we can see a few parts of the hippodrome at present. Even tough it is very small, its heritage is very deep. We are waiting for the restoration of the ancient Constantinople’s treasures. So they are going to shine again and the legacy is going to regain value.

Today’s Hippodrome

Istanbul has many archeaological treasures like Hippodrome. They need to be fixed or cared. If we can achieve this goal, Istanbul and Turkish tourism will rise again. Also we are going to see the glory of the city.

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