Greatest Roman military medal

The military medal of Roman army

When a soldier got retired, a medal was given to him as a honourable soldier as today. If a soldier could be able to get retired succesfully in the past, it was a great job. Today it may not seem this so difficult but military has always been a tough field.

Perre ancient site that is located in Adıyaman province ( Southeastern Anatolia) has an important place in the history because it located in the junction of ancient trade routes. The archeaologists are unearthing interesting items. One of them is a Roman medal that was given to retired soldiers. A medusa face was described on the medal. Roman army was the most powerful army of ancient era. The soldiers were well trained and well equiped. But the war conditions were tough as today. A Roman medal that was given to the retired soldiers was found. A medusa face was described on it.

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