Health Goddess Hygieia was in Aizanoi ancient site…

Greek mythology has a wide pantheon. Gods and Goddess’ were the most affective characters in the daily life and formal format. We all know the head God Zeus. The most well known goddess’ are Aphrodite and Kybele. There are many descriptions of them in the ancient sites of Small Asia.

When we mention on the Goddess’, Health Goddess Hygieia shouldn’t be forgotten. She had a deep affect on the life of Greeks. We can come across a few Hygieia statues in Anatolia, the reason can be that there were a few sites that dedicated to her. Those sites sites can be a few but their features were bigger than others. For example Aizanoi ancient site of West Anatolian region, it was a well known site in ancient times. It was dedicated to Health Goddess Hygieia.

They were here and they are waiting for you in Turkey.

Discover Turkey and feel the mythology….

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