Historical Kemaliye town and Midyat historical sight seeing places; The new historical treasures in UNESCO list

Historical Kemaliye town (above) which is located in Southern region of Turkey is one of the historical treasures of Turkey. Historical town has many unique facts such as traditional architecture and famous stone way. Since the centuries, Kemaliye had been a cultural center and also it was one of the places which provided meat for Ottoman palace. In addition to historical value, the natural beauties are amazing. It is located nearby the Euphrates river.Dark Canyon is one of the deepest canyons of the world. This historical town is stuck in a valley but its beauty is worthseeing. The population of the town got less because of immigrations to big cities. It is obvious that it is one of the authentic places of Turkey. The people of Kemaliye have been patriots and smart people in centuries.Even though there was a jail in the town, it was empty because nobody did anything illegal.Original name of the town was Eğin. The originality of Eğin has some sources. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk admired the cultural level of the town and the beauty of the nature. After the republic had been declared, Atatürk changed the name of town “Kemaliye” in order to point the maturity of the people. The original name has never been forgotten. It is alive.

The region of Tur Abdin (above) which is located in Midyat county of Mardin (south eastern region) is famous for ancient settlement and historical religious buildings. The ancient churches and monasteries are important archeological treasures of the region. Due to the location of the region, it was on the Silk road and it was an important stop for a traveler. And also it was an religious center. Visiting here is like traveling in time.

Whenever you find an opportunity, I recommend a traveler to visit Turkey.


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