King Midas

We are in Ankara today. Ankara is the capital of Turkish Republic but it has been very important for centuries due to its location. This is the story;

We are going back to Phrygian period. We see King Midas and he was accepted as founder of ancient city of Ankara. Gordion was the similar city of Ankyra. Before that period, Hittites had important residences in the region.It was an important military station in Roman Period. East Roman Empire had used Ancyra for this purpose. Then Turkish states attacked this landscape and Turkish domination had begun. Finally it became the headquarter of Turkish Independence War and it is the capital of Turkish Republic in present.

Monument of Anycrum

Temple of Augustus was the important building because it was one of the biggest temples of this landscape. The symbol of the city was Sun figure in Hittite period. Briefly Ankara has been heart of this landscape for centuries.

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