History of Konya plain

Turkish landscape has many fertile agricultural fields. Because of the climate and fertile soil, we can come across many agricultural activities here through the history. Wheat production has been one of the vital agricultural activity. Hittite Empire which was the first civilization that has ever known grew up with the agricultural productitivity. Even Hittite empire weakened by the drought. This is the place which has been the center of wheat production for centuries; Konya plain

Konya plain is located in the southern part of mid anatolia. Also it is one of the biggest plains of Turkey. This region has been very important for centuries so many civilizations such as Roman Empire and Seljuk Empire gave value here. Even it was the capital of Anatolian Seljuk Empire. In recent years, many Roman items wer unearthed, even a dam wall. It is the sign of the agricultural activitiy for centuries. Even an unknown king was unerthead. His name was Hartapu. His inscription was found by chance. The studies on the area is going on.

Konya plain is also famous for the sinkholes. We can come across many sinkholes on the surface. As the underground water is consuming, the big spaces exist under the surface. So the soil on the surface collapse. Some of them are huge. It is a big threat for farmers, many sinkholes are being reported every year.

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