Hittite Pantheon

Hittite Pantheon

As we have mentioned several times, Hittite Empire was the well known first empire of the Anatolia. Although it is known that the founders of this empire had a nomadic character, they mixed up with the local people of the region. This situation created multi cultural empire including the religion.

Pantheon had 1000 gods and goddesses. Despite of this point, we could manage to find around 600 gods and goddesses in records. Hittite Empire was the rival of the ancient Egypt Empire. Their religions have a same basement. Main God Ea was like the Zeus of Greek pantheon. Also there were many gods and goddesses for every natural power.

Also Mesopotamian sources had a deep affect on Hittites. Some myths and gods were transfered from Mesopotamia.

Thanks to the power of Hittites, their pantheon affected the other civilizations.

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Hittite Pantheon


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