Holy relics of Christianity and St.Helena

St. Helana of Constantinople

We are going back to 325 AD and we will witness an important event for Christianity; to bring holy relics to Constantinople. Queen Helena went to Jerusalem to find the cross that Jesus was crucified and holy grail by the wish of her son Constantin I.

She went to Jerusalem and followed the hints on historical event. She had stayed there for a year. She found some cross pieces and she made a test in order to realize the real cross that Jesus was crucified. A sick woman touched all pieces and she got well by a touch to a piece. That piece and a holy grail ( according to legend) were found and she brought them to Constantinople. She is also known as St.Helena of Constantinople.

Column of Constantinople

According to the legend, Constantine I and St Helena hid the holy relics in a room under column of Constantine. Also it is said that there can be a church to hide those holy relics. I have to state that nothing has been found as we know (!).

It is an interesting event of history, isn’t it?


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