Istanbul Archeological Museum

Istanbul Archeological Museum entrance

If those who want to travel in time come to Turkey, one of the attractive destinations is Istanbul Archeological Museum. It was the first history museum of Turkey. It was opened in 1869 as the first modern history museum. Osman Hamdi Bey was the founder of the museum.

The archeological excavations had started in Anatolia since 1800’s. Some pieces were brought to Western museums. Osman Hamdi was the person who rejected this situation so he leaded to establish a modern history museum to exhibit the historical legacy of this landscape.

Today this museum is one of the well known Istanbul museums with different sections of the museum. For example, in addition to history of Anatolia we can see the Egyptian mummies in another section. We can see great tombs of Roman era. Each sections take you to different periods of time.

It is worth visiting place to feel the history here.

A mummy
A head column from a different era of a history.

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