Istanbul; The capital of three empires

Istanbul’s publicity brochure

We have mentioned about Istanbul many times. They were about the historical background and cultural assets of the city. This is the article on the city for the different perspective.

Why is Istanbul so valuable and considered as the greatest sight seeing cities?

The outstanding factor is the historical background of the city. As it has been serving states as the capital and important destination for centuries, it is on the top of the international list. Their heritage is still alive in the structure of the city. You can find many sources on those cultural assets. Traveling in time is the lifestyle of history here.

Europe and Asia; the oldest continents of the world. The oldest life assets were developed here. The other continents such as America and Australia were discovered after the geographical discoveries. Istanbul is the city that ties up those two old continents. It isn’t an usual experience for every one expect the public of Istanbul.

Bosphorus is one of the valuable water straits of the world. Beside the geographical situation, it has a mythological story. It is also named as Cow strait.

Also everyone can have personal reasons to love this city. It doesn’t matter, Istanbul is waiting for you.

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