IV.Arsinoe; the younger sister of Queen VII. Cleopatra

This name isn’t famous in world history. Even she was an impressive Egyptian princess (or a queen), her name isn’t announced among the strongest women of Ancient Egypt. Her life isn’t clear and we know alittle about her. But there is one thing about her, her life ended in Ephesus.

According to the records we have, she was the member of Egyptian royal family. She was the youngest sister of VII.Cleopatra who was the last ruler of Ancient Egypt. Roman Empire threated Egyptian Empire and Emperor Ceasar was the head of the Roman Empire. She collected an army and she resisted on Roman invasion. Actually she was so succesful that Emperor Ceasar had to escape from Alexandria up to the records. On the other hand, she threatened the reign of VII.Cleopatra who was her elder sister.Because she declared herself as the queen of Egyptian Empire. So she was a threat for both parties (Roman empire and her elder sister). Finally both parties made co-operation and they defeated Arsinoe. She was brought to Rome as a prisoner. While she was a prisoner, her elder sister and Emperor Ceasar had an affair. She was acted differently in Rome and it was decided to send her to Artemis temple of Ephesus site. She was exiled to Small Asia. She had lived there for a while. When Emperor Ceasar passed away, VII.Cleopatra was at the side of Marcus Antonius. Finally Marcus Antinius considered her as a threat and she was executed at the temple. She was beheaded on the stairs.

In 1920’s, a graveyard was unearthed in Ephesus ancient site. A beheaded skeleton was found. This graveyard had Egyptian features. According to the examination, that skeleton was a young girl. It isn’t absolute that she was the youngest sister of VII.Cleopatra.

When you visit Ephesus, always remember that an Egyptian princess might live there.

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