Japanese Garden in Istanbul

Japan is one of the friend countries of Turkey. Also we know that two countries have deep roots in history. Turkey and Japan have deep relationship in the world.

Cultural cooperation is so deep that it has been lasting for centuries. We are building Japanese gardens in Turkey. Also Ertuğrul ship of Turkish Navy incident ties up each other.

Turkish Navy Ship Ertuğrul had a visit to Japan by the order of Ottoman Sultan in 19th century. Ertuğrul vessel of Turkish Navy had a big relevance in every port she visited. When she arrived Japan, Turkish ship was at the service of Turkish-Japan friendship. While she was returning back to Istanbul, A hurricane warning had been made. Despite of this warning, Turkish captain wanted to leave the port on time. It was a wrong decision. She couldn’t handle this strong hurricane. She had sunk in the ocean. Thanks to Japanese nation, A campaign was held and the bodies of Turkish mariners were sent to Istanbul.

This incident made the cultural and social ties stronger. Still Turkey and Japan commemorate this incident at present.

Thank you Japan….. with our deepest respect.

Ertuğrul ship of Turkish Navy

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