Karahan Tepe; Brother of Göbeklitepe

South Eastern Anatolia is one of the oldest areas of the world. Before the Göbekli Tepe discovery, there were local rumors that had been a float for centuries. The local people had some stories like them. Many people were thinking that they were just rumors till Göbekli Tepe temple was unearthed. After the archeological studies, it was realized that it is the oldest temple of the world. But the most interesting discovery was that Göbekli Tepe wasn’t only one. The similar ancient site was unearthed. Its name is Karahan Tepe. Actually the archeological excavation is still going on.

It is reported that Karahan Tepe can be older than Göbeklitepe. As the archeologists are still working on, we don’t have detailed information at present. It is obvious that there are more sites like them in the region. They are waiting to be unearthed.

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