Kibyra ancient site; A site of Gladiators

Theater of Kibyra

As we know that war games were popular in Roman era and gladiators were starring actors of those games. This fact had a reflection in every Roman city. Kibyra site was one of those sites. It was famous for gladiator games ;

Kybra site was constructed as apart of unity named Tetrapolis (union of four cities) between 2nd and 1st century BC. It was constructed on a huge area and its architectural features are marvelous. The various buildings such as theater and Odeion ( Music house) were important buildings of the site. The theater was built like a hippodrome of Constantinople. They were built in a glorious style.

Also bath of Kibyra was one of the impressive buildings of the site. As an administration area, it was a state center of Roman Empire. Mostly we can say that real gladiators were here.

It is located in Mediterranean region of Turkey. This zone of Turkey is considered as the historical zone of Turkey.

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