Luwians – Episode II- Lost civilization of Anatolia

Turkish landscape has so deep historical background that there are more that we know on the history of Anatolia. According to the historical records, this landscape is hiding more than we unearthed.

Luwians are the important members of unknown historical background. They had their own culture, own language and own religion. The most important reason to be deleted from history is to have a life in a small group. They never promulgated their culture. As they considered themselves as elite community, their culture existed in a small number of group. So they have gone without a trace for a long time.

Recent works on archeological events showed us that the mysterious marine nation which had an important role on Mediterranean history was Luwians. The tablet above is the proof of this theory. It could be understood after the Luwian language was solved. It is the proof that this marine nation was from Small Asia

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