Luwians; The mysterious sea occupants Part II

Some mysterious occupants were recorded in ancient Egyptian history. Those occupants damaged Egypt and Mediterranean coasts. It was a mystery till the tablet (above) was unearthed. Unfortunately it was used for a construction in a village despite the request of an archeologist in the second half of 20th century.

A carving was unearthed in a village of Afyon province in Turkey. According to the research, the tablet is around 3200 years old. When it was translated to modern language, it was stated that the mysterious sea occupants were Luwians. As they were developed in art and engineering, it was possible to build a navy and arrange a navy campaign. They sailed through Egypt Empire.

This campaign was a mystery for history. Who were those occupants? Even Egyptians were recorded them. They were Luwians and they were from Small Asia (Anatolia).

To be continued…

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