Luwians(People of light); The mysterious Small Asia society Part I

Luwian map

Luwians are one of the mysterious publics of the history. The reasons of that are to have a few documents and some ideological issues (especially on Greek civizilation). According to recent findings, Luwians have more importance than it is guessed.

Firstly, the evidences show us that they had a developed culture. The key tool of a developed culture is language. They even had an alphabet. Having a language means to be developed in culture.

Language stone of Luwians

So Luwians had a high quality life standards. They were wealthy due to the trade. They can also be considered as the public which enchanced the history. Luwians were informed people but they were elite people. So their knowledge and life style were shared by a little number of people. They practiced this action in order to protect their perfection. That’s why they are known as people of light. It is proved that Luwians affected ancient Greek civilization. Greek civilization wasn’t as developed as Luwians in ancient era so Greeks got assistance to develop a social system from Luwians.

Luwian symbol table

Ancient Greek is considered as the basis of Western culture. So the ancient Greek may lose their throne if the importance of Luwians is emphasized. That can be the ideological reason in order to undermine Luwians.

To be continued……..

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