Marc Anthony: Roman General in love with Cleopatra

Marcus Antonius

Marc Anthony was a very well known general of Roman Empire. He was the servant of Ceasar also he was known as the lover of Egyptian queen Cleopatra. We are tuning the time machine and going back to Roman period;

Ceasar was in military campaign against Mediterranean pirates. The pirates were running away from Ceasar’s navy and he tracked the pirates till Egypt. He caught the pirate in Egypt and he executed him. Ceasar met queen of Egypt Cleopatra and he was impressed from her. Marc Anthony was in Ceasar’s delegate so he was also impressed from her. Ceasar left Egypt by releasing Cleopatra free. After Ceasar passed away, Marc Anthony became the governor of this landscape. Also he got beautiful Cleopatra. Tarsus was one of the destinations they met.


A great love story from ancient era, Did you like it?

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