Medical science was the developed scientific branch in Small Asia. Human being always searches the way of living longer and to cure the illness’. It was the same in the past. The ancient societies of Small Asia tried to find way in order to keep the society healthy. Thanks to the wealthness of natural source, they were one step ahead. We can come come across Ascleopions (hospitals or health centers) in the landscape.

The most preferrable way was to use hot spring sources, due to the numerous minerals. It was the equivalent of today’s thermal hotels. We can add the healthy and beauty mud that is still used to cure some illness’. Especially elite Roman society was visiting those facilities to be cured and to have a nice time.

Of course, we shouldn’t forget black art in this title because it was all related together. Some local medicine men were believed to have a power to cure the illness’.

Bergama was one of the centers that was known by its asclepion. The medicine men and women were working for the health of society.

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