Miletos ancient site

Philosophy was one of the main branches that shaped ancient times. Miletos was the ancient site where Thales, Anaximandros and Anaximenes developed a new trend that is valid for today. They were named as ” nature philosophers” and today’s nature understanding is dated back to their period.

There used to be a philosophy school that was one of the important schools. According to Thales ( the first philosopher) , the basic material for life is the water. He examined the civilizations and development and he got this result. If the water hadn’t been existed, the life would have never been developed even the human anatomy. So the basic material is the water. Anaximenes thought that air was the basic material. Anaximandros thought that chaos was the basic material for life.

In addition to philosophy school, Miletos was a well known site that was designed up to the developed city design rules. Hippodamus, the first city developer, was one of the famous characters of Miletos.

Briefly it is the site that is a time capsule of ancient era because you can see traces of developed scientific basics.

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