Missing treasures of Constantinople

Golden Horn of Istanbul

Constantinople had treasures and all of them were so valuable that they couldn’t be compared with anything. Even the rumors are so impressive that we can imagine treasures that we dream. This is the story;

We are going back to 1453 and Constantinople was about to collapse. East Romans were in horror so they were trying to save as much as everything. Byzantines decided to hide their treasures such as golds and valuable metals underneath the Golden horn. The public and royal family members threw everything to Golden Horn. Finally Ottomans conquered the city.

Years had passed and this legend had lived here for centuries. Finally somebody decided to plan archeological work on this legend. Some scientists and archeologists searched the bottom of Golden Horn. According to their state, they couldn’t find anything. I wonder if it is true. According to the legend even there is a golden coach under the Golden Horn.

Is it really hiding a great treasure?


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