New Istanbul Airport; the monument of nonscientific and arrogant mind

New International Istanbul Airport was a controversial project because it was against every scientific and economical scales. For example it was built on the wood territory of Istanbul city and it caused many wild boars to run away to the urban side due to the constuction. Around a month ago, a bee colony came to the region and they established their colony on a boarding bridge. As they are used to collecting here, bees came back here. The territory was country side of the city. The farmers and livestock traders were living there. Also the private ranches were on the region. Briefly a natural habitant was destroyed.

On the other hand, the territory is so windy that sometimes a storm may comes out in winter. So it isn’t suitable for landing and takeoff. This point was stated in an international environment report. Also the ground is so soft that it isn’t capable carrying of all structure.

It is stated that it is the biggest one in the world. Istanbul may need a bigger airport but capacity of Ataturk airport can be extended.

It may seem huge and glorious but it harms Istanbul in every point.

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