Ainos (Edirne)

Mart 11, 2019

Ainos ancient site was constructed by Aoilles in BC 7th century. Its symbol was the mountain […]

Bosphorus of Istanbul

Mart 9, 2019

This water strait takes its name from a myth that is about Zeus and his complicated […]

City Walls of Diyarbakır

Mart 9, 2019

Those are the walls that are second longest walls after Great China wall. It is around […]

Homer: A poet of ancient times

Mart 7, 2019

Homer was the famous poet of ancient era because he was the author of Iliada. It […]

Santa Claus:St.Nicholas

Mart 7, 2019

Santa Claus is a holy character of Christianity because he is symbol of helpful and good […]

City walls of Constantinapole

Mart 2, 2019

Constantinapole was the city that had been capital of East Roman Empire for more than 1000 […]

Şahmeran; the sultan of snakes

Mart 1, 2019

Şahmeran is a wellknown figure in Anatolia. Her name can be heard in any region of […]

Constantinapole under Istanbul

Şubat 27, 2019

We all know icebergs; we see a small part of an iceberg on the surface of […]