Akkadian Empire; The First Emperor SalgonI

Akkadian Empire

The oldest kingdom that was ruled by central king was Akkadian Empire. Before Akkadian Empire, the kingdoms were ruled by landlords.

Salgon I was the first emperor of the world history. He managed to unite all Akkadian tribes and established the first central kingdom. Although he was an Akkadian leader, his empire was extended to Small Asia. He left deep traces in history. Salgon I was having the title “world dominant” and he wasthe first. He saved Akkadians from slavery and he established his empire.

The Akkadian Empire had a huge dominant zone. We can come across the impact of empires after them.

Marriage Procedures and Hittites legacy

Marriage is the basis of the society. The archeology found out that modern marriage procedures are dated back to Hittites’ period. According to Hittites’ tablets, family was the important part of the society. So Hittite public built a system that we have been applying for thousand years.

When a couple decided to build a family, firstly the families gave to in marriage. Then the couple got engaged. The groom gave money and vowes to the bride’s family. We have been applying the same procedures even today. That means this procedure has been living for 3000 years. Anatolian society is using this system today. Even the statement for the affiance was similar. ” With the order of God and the permission of prophet, I would like to marry your daughter.” is the statement we use. The statement was that in that period; “With the order of God, I got ……………… the daughter of………..as a wife”.

Even the groom and bride were described on ancient pot. Bridal veil ceremony was mentioned on a pot. Two witnesses for the wedding ceremony is also dated back to Hittites’ period.

Hittite Sun Disc in Ankara

Hittite Empire’s Legacy and Christmas

Santa Claus Church in Demre strict of Antalya

Hittite Empire may have more connections between past and present. When the practices of Hittite Empire are examined, we come across many resemblances. I want to point one of those resemblances or connection (however you name this).

Christmas is one of the important practices of Christianity and we know that Santa Claus culture became true in Antalya thousand years ago. On the other hand, according to tablets of Hittites’ period there was a similar practice in Small Asia. Deers were also the iconic animals in Hittites’ culture. According to Hittite tables, pine or a juniper ( a sort of tree) were selecting. Also a deer was symbolizing next to the tree. Some bags were put on the tree branches for the gifts. It was a pratice for the God Telipinu. A carving was also made for this practice.

After thousand years, this practice was refreshed in Christianity as Christmas. There can be a connection between Hittites and Christians. It can be an cultural affection.

There are more points on Hittite Empire and the present’s culture. More information will be given sooner.

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Astronomy in Small Asia

Hittite Sun Disc

Astronomy is a very popular science branch in present. But it was also very popular and more important than it is thought. As the seasonal routines were designed up to the astronomical events. Small Asia was a land where astronomy had a very big place in life.

Actually astronomy was a scientific branch which was developed in Mesopotamia. Starting from Hittites period, astronomy shaped the life. For example, spring was the beginning of the year. The bad weather conditions were considered as anger of Gods. Calendars were designed according to sun’s and moon’s movements. Big temples and complexes were built for the Gods.

A year was around 354 days and had 12 months. The months had around 30 days. The measurements are very close to the calendar we are using today. Agricultural activities and festival times were mentioned up to the astronomical calendar. It was based on Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt.

A tale from Hittites age; Hunter Keşşi

This tale is one of the oldest tales of the world. It remained from Hittites age of Small Asia. It means that this tale is older than 2000 years old.

Hunter Keşşi was a talented hunter. He was living with his mother. He lost his father when he was a kid. He was waking up early and going to hunt. He was hunting every day but he had never forgotten the share of Gods.

One day he fell in love with the sister of person named Udubşarri. He married her. He started to ignore his task and he was spending his entire time with his wife. His mother complaint about his behaviours. She warned him to go back his daily task. Otherwise they would starve. He listened to his mother and he did what her mother told.

He got his spare and his dog. He went to hunt but he couldn’t be able to hunt any animal for three months. He forgot the Gods and Gods forgot him. He got so tired that he fell a sleep. Gnoms who were dwarfs in the forest surrounded him. Also the souls of dead people were in the forest. One of them was his father. He requested gnoms to steal his coat as he got cold so he would come back to home. His purpose was to keep his son safe. Gnoms who enjoyed thefts accepted this offer. Keşşi got so cold that he came back home. He was so bad that he got nightmares for a long time. He told his mother that he was scared of gnoms. If he went back to forest, gnoms would break into pieces;he stated. Keşşi asked for his mother to make comment for this nightmare.

She told his son not to scare and to go back hunt to forest.Then he continued his hunt task routine. They got back to their happy life.

A Blonde Nun in Turkey

Mummy of Blonde Nun

When we mention on mummies, we always think of ancient Egypt civilization. But this article is on an interesting mummy that was unearthed in Niğde province of Turkey. Yılanlı Church is one of the ancient religious centers of Turkey. During the excavations, a mummy of a blonde nun and 4 children mummies were unearthed.

This blonde nun is around 1000 years old and she was mummified up to Christian customs. She was well preserved so we can see that she was blonde. In addition to her, children mummies were also unearthed. It is thought that children are from the same time period. As we know that blondes were considered as special people in ancient era.

Niğde historical museum is the home of those mummies. They are worthvisiting historical people of Anatolia.

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A new underground settlement nearby Nevşehir

Central Anatolia is one of the well known regions in Turkey due to its historical background. By chance, a new underground settlement centre was unearthed in Nevşehir 5 years ago. It is thought that it is the biggest underground city in the region. It is nearby the Nevşehir castle.

It is declared that it is gonna be opened for the visit in July. As we know that there are many underground cities under Central Anatolia. Some of them haven’t been unearthed yet.

We can state that Central Anatolia is a worthvisiting area in Turkey. A visitor can feel

Aegean Sea or Sea of Islands;

The sea between Greece and Turkey is always a discussion subject for both countries. Those islands have important location for both countries especially for Turkey. They are so close that some of them are ahead to Turkish coasts.

Aegean Sea is the name that Greeks use. It is based on mythological Greek prince. Turkish side named here as “Sea of Islands” till the second half of 20th century. Turkey accepted to use Aegean Sea for the global world.

It isn’t wrong even we name here “Sea of Islands”.

Iotape ancient site-Antalya; the site of pirates

Iotape ancient site

Iotape ancient site is one of the great sites of Antalya. It has an interesting historical background. It is also known as “site of pirates”. It is around 2000 years old. It is dated back to Roman age.

Today the visitors of Antalya prefer to visit Iotape. It is called as “Aytap ancient site” in Turkish. It is thought that pirates had a headquarter here and they attacked the commercial vessels. Thus this sites is known as “the site of pirates”.

European Anchovy; the symbol fish of Black Sea region

Anchovy is a symbol fish of Black Sea region. Local people of Black Sea region use anchovy in every dish. Local cuisine is based on anchovy. Even a desert that is prepared with anchovy is in the list of Black Sea cuisine.

Rice with anchovy and dessert of anchovy are some dishes that are well known in the world.

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