Panaztepe ancient site; An important settlement area in ancient time

West Anatolia region is a landscape that gives us hints to change the historical books. Ancient civilizations left us important heritage, this heritage is composed of a lot of ancient sites. All of them have their own story and they have a special role in history. Panaztepe ancient site is one of them, the excavations showed us that it had a vital role.

This ancient site was discovered on a hill that is located in border of Izmir province. It is dated back to earlier times than 2nd century BC. It was one of the developed sites of the region also it was a live site. Acropolis’s area is so big that it is considered as the biggest acropolis of the region. The settlement layers give us great hints to solve the role and function of the site.

The most important point is that it used to a port site near Gediz river. Maybe it could be an island. As the river was filled up with alluvium, this hill is inside the land. The society of the site was very rich and they had high standards. The items that were unearthed proved this theory. According to a theory, it is one of the oldest ports and settlement areas.

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