Peristremma; Ihlara valley of today

As we know that Central Anatolia was the home of early Christians. As the whole territory was made of volcanic ash, the soil is very easy. It is easy to shape the underground. Peristremma was built in that territory. It was a hidden city that was built in a natural canyon. Today we name the region as Ihlara valley.

This place was built during Roman period and Christians were tortured by Roman authority. So they decided to settle in a hidden place. Christians found this natural valley and carved churches & facilities. It was very hard to discover and attack here. So this valley was their home. Here was called as Peristerimma. Due to the climate, Christians had a cooler atmosphere here. The public of Peristerimma built many churches in the region. The environment was decorated as if the nature hid those people.

Stairs at the valley

Today the stairs were built in order to go down the base of the valley. Still you can feel those people who lived here. You may feel as if they are still there. Grape is also an important product of the soil here.

Ihlara valley is located in border of Aksaray province. It is a natural wonder. It is one of the worth visiting places of Central Anatolia.

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