Phokaia ancient site walls

Phokaia ancient site is a very special site although it isn’t known very well. Phokaia ancient site is located in Foça district of İzmir. The story of the ancient site is as follows;

Phokaia was built around second half of 3000 BC. There were various periods in settlement history. The site was surrounded by city walls. Local engineers built the theater between 340 and 330 BC. Mosaics and ceramics were used in buildings. It was so big that there was a huge population in the site. A historical event became true in 547 BC. Persian attacked Phokaia and ruined the city. The most outstanding feature of the site is that the earlier iron&steel workstations were built. So many items that are made of iron and steel

Phokaia ancient site was constructed on a huge area so some hints on ancient Foça are under the modern city.

Temple of Phokaia

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