Şar ancient site- Adana

This landscape hosts many religious sites that have historical importance. This fact proves us that this peninsula has many valuable information to uncover. This ancient site is in that group. Şar ancient site that is located in Adana province is dated back to Hittites. It was one of top religious centers. It has many valuable monuments in the field.

Şar city was built by Hittites and it was one of two religious centers that was named as ” Clichian Komana”. Also Hittite kings came here to join religious rituals. Temple had the fertile fields so it had a good income. Priest of the temple managed this income. This priest was the second man on the protocol after the Hittite King, also this priest was the member of royal family.

Church gate at Şar ancient site

East Roman Empire had a church built here. It was a glorious building. Unfortunately it was collapsed by a lighting. The walls were decorated with icons.

Theater of Şar ancient site

One of the monumental building was the theater of the site. It was built with Roman engineering. It was one of the oldest theaters in Small Asia. It had a glorious appearance. There were underground rooms for various purposes such as cages for wild animals.

A great figure from Şar ancient site

I recommend you to visit this ancient site due to its importance.

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