Seven Sleepers church in Selçuk /İzmir

Seven sleepers’ legend is common in Christianity and Islam. A church was built nearby Ephesus for seven sleepers.

We are going back to Ephesus and the year is 250 AD. The Roman soldiers were tracking seven Christians (the names were unknown) because they were sentenced to penalty due to their religion. They hid in a cave and they closed the cave. So soldiers couldn’t reach him, they led the Christians die by closing the entrance of the cave. Christians and their dog decided to sleep and think what to do later. They woke up and decided to buy something. He got shocked when he was out. Their money remained in the past and everybody was worshiping Jesus. The fact that 300 years passed during their sleep.

This is the version of Seven Sleepers in İzmir. This is the fact that there are different versions of this myth in religions and regions.

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