Sillyon: A site of malaria spring

Sillyon ancient site

Sillyon ancient site is one of the glorious sites of Antalya province. As a similar to others, Sillyon had various facilities such as theater and baths. The difference of this site is its lifetime. The physical proofs show us that there had been settlement till Ottoman period. This is the story;

Sillyon was constructed before Roman Period. It was an independent city state. It was a glorious site with various facilities such as baths and stadium. It was surrounded by city walls and also it was a diocese in Byzantine period. It was a sport city. Many sport facilities were built such as gymnasium and stadium. Cisterns and water sources were very important to live here. There used to be a spring named “Malaria spring”. The settlement had continued for a long time. Turks settled the region and built their own facilities.

Sillyon ancient site

You can travel in any period at this site. You can come across traces of Romans and Byzantines, also Seljuks and Ottomans. It is one of a few settlement areas with this feature. Briefly it is a site where you can go back till Roman period at least.

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