Spartacus; the rebellious soldier and revolutionary leaders of slaves

Spartacus statue

Spartacus is one of the impressive characters of the history. He was one of the some revolutionary leaders of ancient times. He had a great place in Greek and Roman history. It is known that he was a soldier at the beginning but due to the insubordination, he became a slave. He was forced to fight for his life. He achieved to survive and to be the leader of gladiators.

It is guessed that he was in Thracian region. He joined the Roman army as cavalry. He disobeyed an order so he was punished by selling him as a slave to a gladiator union. He succeded to be alive and he was admired by a huge community. He was one of the leaders during the war between the army and slaves.

He left a deep trace by his courage and power to the history. He was from Thracian land of Anatolia.

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