The biggest Ataturk statue of the world

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk is the founder of modern Turkish Republic and he is still the most effective leaders of the world. He has his heritage and spirit in every part of Turkish Republic. Thanks to his leadership, we have this country and we live free as a country. We owe him our everything.

In order to thank him and to memorise his leadership, many efforts had done and they are still being done. The biggest statue of Ataturk is on the peak of mountains in Artvin province of Turkey.

The statue is 22 mt tall and there is a flagstaff which is 60 mt tall nearby. It is a small effort to thank him for his leadership. His heritage is so big that it isn’t only limited in Turkish Republic.

Thanks to his principles and thoughts, a country can reach the freedom…

Discover Turkey and travel in time….

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