The Blinds’ land; Chalcedon

According to the legend, Chalcedon site had an important place in order to establish the city of Istanbul. The oracles told the King Byzas to build the new city across the blinds’ land. The blinds’ land was Chalcedon. It is named as Kadıköy at present. The Greeks had a large settlement on the Asian minor. Even today around %10 of whole Chalcedon was unearthed. The rest of Chalcedon is under the modern Kadıköy. The archeologists discovered that the first settlements were on the Asian minor of the city.

The underground of Haydarpaşa central train station is covered by the ruins of Chalcedon. This train station was built by Germans. It is my opinion but it is interesting how the builders were blind. This land was full of history. They preffered to build a central train station. The history of Istanbul city is starting with Chalcedon. Even tough it is a modern county of Istanbul, we can see the traces of past on the Asian minor.

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