The construction secrets of Urartu civilization

After the human being started to settle at a site, construction customs began to reveal. As it is at present, earthquakes and quality of buildings were important measurements. Human being observed that mother nature was so powerful that it was capable of destroying everything. But also human being realised that they had intelligence. So they could be able to stand against the power of nature.

Archeaologist found out that the technics of construction we use at present were used by ancient civilizations. We know that many ancient buildings are still standing despite the power of nature. Urartu civilization proved us that they had techniques that arrived today.

For example building a site on a main rock layer in order to protect the building from the earthquakes; we may think this a modern method. But it isn’t true. It was used by Urartu civilization 2500 years ago. They had a certain information on it.

Don’t consider the ancient civilizations as not developed, oppositely they were more developed than we know.

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