The Egyptian Obelisk in Constantinople

It is certain that Ancient Egypt is one of the ancient civilizations that affected the world history most. Maybe it is on the top. It is still influencing the modern world. Even we admire the Egyptian civilizations. So it is normal to see the Egyptian items in leading cities of the world. Constantinople can’t be forgotten in this term. Even tough it was in the past. We name the city as Istanbul at present.

The background of this region is very wealthy. It used to be a capital of Roman Empire. As we know that Romans also admired this magnificent civilization. They brought Egyptian items to the leading cities of Roman Empire including Constantinople. The most important Egyptian item in İstanbul is the obelisk of Tutmosis III. The obelisk which is located in the historical square of the city was actually in Karnak Temple of Egypt. It was brought to Constantinople by the order of Roman Empire. The obelisks were the arches of triumph in ancient Egypt. They can be considered as pharaohs’ boards. It is the sign of multi-cultural structure of Roman Empire.

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