The Legendary War of Troy

If the subject is Troy, we always remember the legendary war that caused Troy to be collapsed by a trick. Most of the people thought that this war was only a fantasy and it had never existed due to the lack of physical evidences. We had just historical records that were written by ancient Greek travelers and myths. It was appeared as historical tale for many people. When the archeaology science developed, archeaology started to find answers for the ancient questions. By the assistance of ancient sources, the archeaologists began to find out what happened actually in the history.

We learn that war of Troy began with Helena of Troy. Actually she was a wife of cruel king and she was famous for her beauty. Troian prince Paris took Helena to their boat secretly. Finally she could manage to run away the cruel king. Older prince Hector got anxious because of this event. The event that he scared became true. Greek states got united against Troy. The appearent reason was Helena but the fact was different. King Agamennon was waiting for opprotunities to attack because of their wealth Troy but he knew that he coudn’t manage to achieve this goal on his own. He needed allies and a reason. He didn’t have anything till that day. The cruel king consulted Agamennon about the issue and they decided to gather the biggest navy as the world had never seen before. The Greek civilization declared war to Troy. They asked for the best warriors and best sailors including Achilles.

Although they gathered the biggest navy of ancient world and the best soldiers of ancient Greek, Troy had a big advantage; the powerful city walls. There used to be a wealthy city inside the wall. Although they had attacked many times, they couldn’t achieve the goal. But Achilles achieved to kill older prince Hector. This war had lasted for 10 years. The Greeks were fed up with fighting, they thought a trick. They built a wooden horse that would be big enough to take hunderds of soldiers inside. The others would hide and wait for the night. It should have been appeared as a defeat monument for Greeks so Troians thought that they had gone. It worked and Troians took it inside the city. They celebrated their victory and the city got defenceless.

After that time, the soldiers hidden in the horse got out of the horse and opened the gates for others. The invasion was completed. This is the story we know. It is not certain that it is completely true.

According to the physical proofs at Troy ancient site, there had been a struggle at the city. Fire traces were discovered on the layer of time period that matches the legendary war period.

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