Trilye;The town of olive in Bursa

Trilye town of Bursa

There is a cute town on the coast of Marmara Sea. This town is named as Trilye and it is originally old Greek village. It is famous for the olive. The original architecture is still being preserved. It has an authentic atmosphere in the town. The major economical activity is the sector of olive. You can find olives, olive oil, olive soaps and olive colognes briefly you can everything on olive in the town. Trilye is on the peak of the visit especially in summer. As it is very close to Istanbul and Bursa, it is an attraction center for domestic tourism. The local of the town is almost the farmers of olive. But they are very friendly.

Trilye Houses

There are various stories on the name of Trilye. According to a theory, the name of the town means three priests. Trilye is the word in Greek language. The authentic atmosphere of the town takes the breath away. It is one of the destinations that are worthvisiting during the route to Western Anatolia.

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