Troy; The legendary city state of the history

The ancient history has a lot of legendary city states and characters. Even today they are as important as they used to be in this period. There is a place among those places, this city state was a super power of that period. Actually we know that many ancient Greek states were jealious on this place; TROY. It was located on the Small Asia and it had powerful city walls. It wasn’t possible to collapse those walls from outside. There was a city inside these walls. That city was so rich that they had golden statues and objects in their city. So especially the Greek city states were trying to find a way to conquer Troy and to get this wealth.

It is located on the Aegean region of Turkey at present. It was thought that this city state was a fantasy for a long time. A lot of Greek historians and historical records had some hints on Troy but we had nothing concrete until 19th century. A German treasure hunter came to Ottoman Empire and asked for allowance in order to search archeaological places such as Troy. He went to Western side of Turkey. Aegean Sea was named as the sea of islands. It had changed around 90 years ago. He had clues on Troy city state so he had his excavation started. Finally he achieved to find archeological objects that prove the existence of legendary Troy city state.

He discovered that the city had nine layers. All of the layers offered us priceless hints and all of the history had been rewritten. The Troy city state and the legendary war between Greeks and Troians became real. He also had a treasure unearthed, it was so valuable that the economical value of this treasure was unbelieveable.It was the time that archeaology became a real scientific branch. Western world was aware of this so they were filling up their museums with the objects that they discovered.

Horse of Troy (the replica of the horse)

After the WW1, Ottoman Empire went down and modern Turkish Republic was established. The new state was established by Mustafa Kemal who admired science and history although he was a soldier. Then archeaology became one of the most important scientific branches in Turkish Republic.

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