Troy; the story hasn’t finished yet

We all know the main story of Troy so it isn’t necessary to tell it once more. On the other hand, Troy is a historical site that is full of mysteries. It is certain that it has been recorded hundreds years later after the war had existed. The trick of the war which changed the history may be different that we imagine. Because when it was recorded, the gift was translated as a horse. It is logical because horses had a holy meaning in Troy. Also Troy was famous for the horses.

According to the last hypothesis, the gift was a ship not a horse. Some historians think that the translation had made quickly. When ancient Greek was examined, the word which defined horse could be translated as a ship. Unfortunately the ruins of Troy site don’t reply the question clearly. It is absolute that there was a struggle and war in the ancient site. But as the layers of Troy site was damaged, a few archeaological item could be unearthed.

Whatever it is, Troy is one of the worthvisiting ancient sites of the world. This is the place where history was reshaped.

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