Türkiye and Earthquake

Diyarbakır City walls before the earthquake

Earthquake is one of the facts of this geography. Unfortunately, every 100 years or every 50 years Turkish landscape has been facing small or big (depends on the period) earthquakes. Türkiye is like Japan actually. The geographical features always affect from the earthquakes. It is reported that some of them have small magnitudes like 2.0 and 3.0 that’s why we can’t feel them.

The only thing we need is a detailed natural disaster policy including floods and earthquake. The reports are published; we know it. But the problem is that nobody cares them till the disaster happens. Then the scenarios are created, and the authorities state that they get lessons. Then another one happens; the same circle starts. It goes on. Thus, we lose thousands maybe ten thousands of our citizens because of the same event. This isn’t fair. Briefly our problem is about understanding.

Türkiye is a secular and law state. The codes and the state budget should be arranged up to the target; we are on the faults and our main principle is to apply science in public works. We have to speak about science not religion. We should be ready for any sort of natural disaster. Also, it is valid for individual scale. The construction industry has to handle the most important issue, security. Also, the technologies should be applied to construction industry.

For a bright future……

For my lovely country……


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