Tymandos ancient site; A hidden site on the edge of Central Small Asia

Ruins of Tymandos ancient site

Beside the known ancient sites, there are also many unknown ancient sites. Some of them are lost or they couldn’t be discovered although we can come across them in historical sources. Tymandos ancient site is one of the less known ancient sites;

Tymandos site was located between south and central regions. It could be one of the important passage sites. It used to be a small resident but it was upgraded as a site in Diocletianus sovereign. It was decorated with glorious buildings such as imperial gate (You see it above). Then Persian Empire invaded the region, they added some components to the site such as tumulus’ (probably from 6th century BC). By the time, it lost its importance and the stones of the site were used in the region.

It is in Isparta province of Turkey. Due to the limited archeology works, we don’t have sufficient information on the site.


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