Varyag; An aircraft carrier

Everything started 18 years ago. People Republic of China purchased an aircraft carrier from Ukraine. It had to be sailed through China but it wasn’t so easy because Montreaux Agreement had strict rules on warship passages on water straits. So Turkish government didn’t want to let this passage happen. After long political conversations, This unmotorized giant passed through water straits and sailed through People Republic of China. According to the statements, it was stated that it was planned to construct as a casino ship.

What is the relationship of this aircraft carrier with tourism? China vowed Turkey to send millions of Chinese tourists if Turkey confirmed the passage. Finally Turkey confirmed this passage as it was planned as a casino ship. Millions of Chinese tourists didn’t come. The most important thing was that this aircraft carrier was rebuilt as a warship not a casino ship. We saw this ship on the bank of Syria in a close past.

Turkish tourism didn’t have any contribution as a result of this event although it was stated in this way.

War and tourism; two components of a dilemma

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