What happened to Troy ancient site?

Troy ancient site

Troy ancient site has always been famous for centuries thanks to Homer’s Iliada. It was thought that Troy and legendary were fantasy. A German treasure hunter who grew up with this story came to Anatolia. It was his dream. It seems that the treasure of Troy was his dream. He couldn’t realise the archeaological value of Troy. He didn’t care the structure of Troy. Actually he achieved to unearth the legendary site but also he damaged the site. Finally he achieved to find the treasure but he rejected to share the findings with Turkish government. His purposes were to have a fame and make a fortune with them. His name was Heinrich Schliemann. Despite his efforts, he couldn’t sell the treasure to famous museums of Europe. He gave them to Berlin Museum. The findings were at Berlin Museum till WW2. It was told that Russian troops ruined the Berlin Museum and the treasure was taken as war compensation from Germany. They are still in Russia.

While finding the treasure, Schliemann damaged the layers. Unfortunately Troy ancient site lost some features. Despite the efforts for years, some stages can’t be explained with details.

Up to the principle, an archeaological finding should be exhibited where it was unearthed.

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