Who is Helen of Troy?

Helen of Troy is starring in the story of legendary war. She was the reason of the legendary war. Because of love between Prince Paris and Helen, Greeks and Troians made war. As a result, Greeks won this war and captured Troy. Who is Helen?

She was famous for her beauty. She was so beautiful that everyone including Gods were waiting for her. According to some sources, she was a regular human being. But some sources define her as the daughter of Head God Zeus. Head God Zeus had an affair with Spartan queen Leda as a swan. He was afraid of Hera’s anger that’s why he had affairs in the shape of different animals. Helen was his daughter. Since her teenage years, she was a pupil of noble men and Gods. She married a Greek king but she wasn’t happy. She had an affair with Troian prince Paris. Finally she escaped to Troy. Then Greeks declared war to Troians so they gathered a huge navy and army to attack Troy.

The bust of Helen

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