Why is Constantinople /Istanbul sacred in the history?

This region has something mysterious in the history. The legends and stories are always existed in this region. Even before Roman era, the public of this strait (for both banks) have mysterious life time.

Even today, we don’t have significant information on pre-historic Istanbul. Archeaology unearths many new hints on the history of the region. In recent time, the archeaologists unearthed the oldest village of the city on Asian Minor of Istanbul. It is thought that it is around 10.000 years old. The excavations of Chalcedon ancient city ( most of the ancient site had been discovered short time ago) proves us that this land is hiding something mysterious about its life time. Chalcedon was established on the Asian minor. Also it is named as ” the land of blinds” because the public of this side couldn’t see the meaning of historical town of old city.

Early residentals left us a few things for us. We have the East Roman Empire era mostly. According to the official news, the history of this city is dated back to pre-historic periods. Those layers are under our feets. Even Marmara sea and Istanbul strait are hiding hints about Istanbul’s history. Briefly Istanbul still has many things to say us.

The only thing we need is a long term archeaological work on the city. This work should compromise both sides of the city.

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