A marble board in Ephesus

Ephesus was a site which contained every sort of residence including luxury residence. There is a neighbourhood where high society resided. The excavation of Ephesus show us many unique items.

A marble board was unearthed. According to the measurements, it was cut so milimetric that it is very difficult even for today. We realise that Roman artists were very talented and more developed than we think.

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Harput Fortress;

Harput fortress is a special Urartu military facility because it exhibits all features of Urartu defence. Archeaologists unearthed many important items that prove us the power of Urartu civilization.

In recent days, an open air area was unearthed. It is thought that it can be a religious arena. Those facilities show us how important it was for Urartu civilization.

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A glorious fight arena in Anatolia

There is an ancient site in West Anatolian region. It is named as Mastaura ancient site. It is dated back to Roman time. As we know that war games were the most famous entertainment. It was avaliable where Roman Empire was spread out.

Like the Collezium in Rome, another arena was built here in order to organise gladiator wars. Today the archeaologist unearthed this arena and its architecture is like the other Roman arenas.

It is around 2000 years old and it is the witness of those glorious days of Roman Empire….

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An Apollon statue (it is guessed)

Turkey is a real treasure for archeaology. We can list many items that were unearthed by chance. A statue and an item were unearthed in the province of Afyon.

It is guessed that it is Apollon statue. As it isn’t complete, it requires a complicated examination.

Anatolia is the homeland of the civilization and it is proved everyday by the items unearthed here.

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Turkey lovers…..

As we know that many Turkish lovers are waiting for the time to come to Turkey. As the governments aren’t permitting their citizens to travel to Turkey, they are waiting for the final decisions.

Godd news is that they will give us a date to open the borders. Also the bad news is that it will not be a close future. According to foreign tourism authorities, the opening may be on August. Nothing is certain, we are looking forward to meeting Turkey lovers in Turkey.

What is the current situation for Turkey?

We know that tourism is still unstable for the world economy at present. The governments and international unions are trying to recover the tourism sector from the crisis via some regularities. Due to the restrictions, travel and tourism are still functioning restricted. That’s why we can consider the issue as global issue today.

On the other hand, some good developments- such as permitting travel with some restrictions- make us think that recover isn’t so far. Since the vaccine is being applied in the world, some bans are being loosened. This development leads the recover of the sector.

Turkish Republic is one of the countries that are waiting for the recovery. It seems that Turkish Republic has a different problem in addition to global issues. Our tourism markets aren’t willing to permit their citizens to travel Turkey. Their grounds are mostly on health conditions. When we examine their decisions, we can come across some different points. We are waiting for their final decision. I do respect their one reason; to protect their citizens. Also there are many things to examine in the name of tourism management.

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Isle of Cleopatra(Sedir Island at present)

I have stated for several times that Anatolia had famous visitors. One of them was legendary Egyptian Queen Cleopatra. She had a lover the Roman commander Marcus Antonius. The Roman commander was the authority of the peninsula.

According to the story, the lovers met on the island that is lying on the bay of Aegean sea. It had become true 2000 years ago.We name this island as Sedir Island at present. It is a popular tourist resort today.

A tourist can reach there by boat tours. It has an impressive nature and the history had a deep meaning here.

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Gates of Constantinople and Istanbul

Istanbul (Constantinople) has been the greatest capital of all times, even today Istanbul(Constantinople) is on the top of ancient cities. Its glory is so impressive that the city is a timeless treasure.

Constantinople – the capital of East Roman Empire- was the most important capital of medieval age. The walls of the city were so tough that Vikings even couldn’t conquer the city. So they came here as merchants (not soldier). Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II prepared a war plan to beat the walls. He had giant cannons forged and he had a big navy established. He achieved his goal and he conquered Constantinople.So East Roman Empire came down in the world. But the legacy of Roman Empire is still living on the city walls.

The area of this city wall is so wide that around 10 gates were placed in order to conduct the traffic. Most of them are still alive and they are watching the modern world. Ottoman Empire had also used this city wall and the gates. They had important functions, for example to control the good and visitor traffic.

Unfortunately the historical symbols and features had been stolen in time. But their characteristic feature is still there; Eternity.

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Cold waterfalls of the province Artvin

Waterfalls are great places in every part of the world. Water makes a power show in every waterfall as a living organism. Also Anatolian peninsula hosts great waterfalls in this landscape. Some of them are so shocking that you will never believe that water formed those natural grounds.

Waterfall with the ring (Deliklikaya Waterfall)

We always hear that water is the strongest substance of the world. It is so tough that none of rocks can stand against it. It can form great shapes in the rock or it changes the land.

This is the sample of this sort of waterfall. Water is flowing into the rock. It shaped the rock as a ring. It took millions of years to shape the rock and today it is flowing into the rock over 7 meters. It is one of the most popular hiking routes of Eastern Blacksea region.

Maral Waterfall

Another impressive waterfall of Artvin province is Maral Waterfall. It is so straight that you have to climb up stairs to reach the waterfall. It is flowing from 60 meters. It is the another good sample for rock forms.

Nature always states that it is the boss.

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Roman Tombs in Cappadocia

Cappadocia is a special tourism area. Wherever you look at, you can come across history and mystery.

One of the historical building in the region is Ishak Fortress. Actually it is a Roman fortress. Since it was used by Ishak Pasha who was the Anatolia governor of Sultan Mehmed II(Conquerer) as headquarter, it was named as Ishak Fortress.It is 60 meter high from the ground.

The archeaologists discovered Roman tombs at the fortress. Those tombs will be restored and they are planned to open for visit.

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