Ancient volcanic blast and its witnesses in Bronze age

Volcanos of Kula

We are going back to bronze age. We are in Western Anatolia ( Kula-Manisa). Territory was formed of volcano lava because there were many active volcanos on the territory. Volcanos were active and there were witnesses for this natural show. We could able to see those humankind.

Footprint of Kula men

Those witnesses should have seen a great scenery while volcano was blasting. It was a natural show with horror and admiration to nature.

It is a story that belongs to pre-historic ages.

A fossil region in Central Anatolia

Fossils are important substances in order to find out the age of the region and world. Central Anatolia was an important region because it was the bottom of an interior sea. Also it was a region that evolution can be seen.

A fossil region was discovered in Central Anatolia. It is estimated that it is 98 million years old. Briefly it has the signs of evolution. We could see numerous animal fossils in the region. It is a great region for anthropology.

A holy road between Stratonikeia and Lagina ancient sites

Stratonikiea ancient site

Western Anatolia had hosted many civilizations. Archeology discovers many new objects and stories. Last discovery was an ancient road that was used as ceremony road of temples.

An ancient road between Lagina and Stratonikeia ancient sites was unearthed. It is known that many ancient sites were connected by the roads. The ancient road that was unearthed is 3000 years old. Both sites were homes of ancient Greek Gods.

Lagina ancient site

It is located in Muğla province of Turkey. It ties up two important sites that had religious importance.

Ağırnas; Region of a great underground city and home of a great architect

Ağırnas is the well known district of Kayseri. It is famous for the great underground city. As we know that Central Anatolia had hosted Christians for centuries. This underground city is so big that it has a capacity of huge population.


Also Ağırnas is the home of greatest architect of all times; Architect Sinan. He was the architect of valuable buildings in Anatolia and Balkan region.

Fake world cave – Antalya

Mediterranean region of Turkey is famous for cave formations. Antalya has many caves such as Damlataş and Karain caves.

A cave that is called Fake World cave has an interesting story. Actually it is a young cave because its formation still continues.

It is one of worth visiting caves in Antalya. The outdoor adventurers would love to see this cave.

Camel Wrestling Fest

We all know that bull wrestling is the symbol of Spain even tough it is criticized in world wide. Animal wrestling fests are very famous in the world. One of those fests is in Alanya county of Antalya.

Camel wrestling is a traditional activity in Antalya. A fest is organized in Kumluca district of Alanya every year. Domestic and foreign tourists are attended to this fest.

Kef Castle; A castle of Urartu civilization

Urartu civilization has a deep impact on Turkish landscape. A visitor can come across Urartu effect in every building including castles. Urartu castles are special featured defense buildings because we can discover many outstanding features such as great architecture.

Construction year of Kef castle isn’t certain due to absence of document. It is certain that it was a big facility. A palace ruin was unearthed during the archeological excavations. It was built on a volcanic hill.

It is located in border of Bitlis province. It is one of the great settlement areas of Urartu architecture.

Çeşme; A windsurf paradise of Turkey

Beach of Çeşme

Çeşme is the county of Izmir province and it is located on the western end of Turkey. Çeşme is one of the famous holiday resorts of Turkey.

Çeşme is one of the windsurf paradises of Turkey. Due to the climate, summer is very hot and windy. It is so windy that the climate is very suitable for windsurf. Thus there are many windsurf courses in Çeşme. Adventurers are going to enjoy here by the windsurf according to my experiences. Outdoor sports are very famous here.

Windsurf rallies

Also Alaçatı, the district of Çeşme, is a well known holiday resorts in Turkey. Thanks to its traditional and cute structure, it is an alternative destination for foreign and domestic tourists. It can be also considered as economical alternative destination.

Çeşme ( fountain), the name of the district, takes its name from the story that the mariners were visiting here to supply fresh water.

İzmir; The pearl of Turkey

İzmir clock tower

İzmir is one of the most beautiful cities of Turkey. It can also be considered as pearl of Turkey. Historical background of the city is dated back to earlier ages. There are many ancient cities in İzmir such as Ephesus.

Gulf of İzmir is one of the historical zones of Anatolia. There has been settlement in the region for centuries. Civilization of mankind developed in this region. Cultural heritage of Turkey is based on the civilization of West Anatolian region. This region was called as Smyrna that was the goddess of that public.

İzmir is one of the most well known holiday resorts of Turkey. It has beaches and five star hotels.

Visit İzmir and travel in time…