Troy; the excavations light up the history

Troy is an ancient site that was very important for the history. This site had been built for ten times due to some reasons such as earthquake and restorations.

Troy was the site where historical legendary war had existed. The culture level of this legendary war was unearthed. The archeaologists found a level that was dated to the historical war. As we know that the excavations have been lasted for 150 years and new proofs of Troy history are still unearthed.

Theaters in ancient period

Theater in Bergama

Theater was the most common and only (almost) way to state every situations in ther public for ancient period. That’s why we can come across many giant and small theaters in ancient sites. Across the world, we can see the same architectural site plan due to Roman affect.

Masks of theater

As we know that masks of theater are origined from those times. They represent the basic emotions of human life. The picture above is around 2000 years old and they are one of the oldest samples of world theaters.

A great building of Metropolis

The last discovery in Metropolis ancient site excited the archeaologists. A big building that is around 1500 years old was built with a developed technology. It had the latest technology of ancient times. It is the proof of great architectural figures.

It is thougt that it was the property of a rich person or an authority.

Massacre of the natural beauties in Turkey

The title is about a nature beauty that is around 12.000 years old. Deepless Lake (Dipsiz göl) was formed around 12.000 years ago. This lake was deformed because of legal treasure quest. It was dried and machines digged the region. So the lake was destroyed.

Due to the reactions, treasure quest was cancelled and the government decided to declare the site as natural site (after the lake has gone). Authorites planned to have a lake built in the region.

A drama of a nature treasure….

Turkish Delight; the most sweetest dessert of the world….

Ones who visited Turkey once know this fact very well. Turkish delight is one of the desserts that can cause addictive. Variety of Turkish delight is so wide that it can be prepared of any fruit. It is the acompanion of Turkish coffee. Bitter Turkish coffee has a sweet taste with delight. It is the most famous complimentary for our culture.

If you don’t have any sickness like diabetes, it is a great taste. It may cause addictive and you can put in weight. I don’t blame on you if you love Turkish delight.

Droughts and Floods in Istanbul

Istanbul city is facing the events of climate change nowadays. Lack of rain makes the authorities make plans for scenarios.

Istanbul city had faced many drought and flood events in history. When the city was capital of Ottoman Empire, the city had tough times. It was certain that it was raining more in the past. Climate change had a deep impact in Istanbul. Less rain dropped and drought times started to exist often.

Rakı: A magical Turkish alcoholic beverage

There is an alcoholic beverage of Turkey; Rakı. It is a colorless beverage in the bottle, it gets white when you add water. It is a tough drink, you had better drink with water.

It is a companion of various meals such as fish. For example Rakı + fish= Ayvalık, it is the formula of pleasure in Aegean region. You can also taste kebab with rakı.

Its original glass is thin and tall. Some artists created some special rakı glasses. Some excuses to drink rakı were written on them.

Try to get this pleasure when you visit Turkey…

Turkish Coffee: A drink that has 40 year sake

Turkish coffee is one of the most famous hot drinks of this landscape with Turkish tea. It is served as plain coffee, coffee with middle sugar and coffee withsugar. It is prepared in a small pot then poured to a coffee cup. It has its own taste and flavour.

When two or three ladies gather, the first thing they remember is Turkish coffee. It becomes an excuse to make gossips. After the dinner, the people ask for coffee to relax. It can be a pleasure with a view of Bosphorus.

Briefly it is an excuse for a joyful moments. It is also famous in worldwide.