Triumph Coloumn in Constantinople

Triumph Coloumn in Istanbul

Istanbul is a historical city that hides more than it appears. A triumph coloumn that stucked inside the city is around 1600 years old.

It was built in 5th century BC and it was constructed by Emperor Arcadius in order to honour the rebellion in the city. Unfortunately it got shorter in time and it is between two buildings at present.

The biggest underground city of Turkey was unearthed; Kayseri /Bürüngüz underground city

A stone door at the underground city

As it was mentioned before, Central Anatolia of Turkey still hides something for archeologists. The last discovery in Kayseri province confirms this theory. An underground city was discovered under Bürüngüz district of Kayseri. It is so big that it has more than five gates and it has a great defense system. As the examination of the city is being continued, we will find out its true dimension in future.

World Map of 1513 by Piri Reis; One of the famous sailors of the world

First world map was drawn by Piri Reis who was the senior sailor of Ottoman navy. It wasn’t an ordinary map because it has some points to find out on it. Thus many researches are being made on this map.

Piri Reis prepared this map in 1513. That was the period when western sailing developed. New world (American continent) had just discovered and many new islands on oceans were dominated by western sailors. Despite of those developments, they weren’t ready to prepare a world map.

Ottoman Empire charged Piri Reis to make a development against this position. He was the expert on sailing. He prepared this map in four years and he came up before Ottoman Sultan in 1513.

This map has some mysteries such as the structures of the continents. None of them were unearthed till we have a satellite technology.

A monumental fountain in Tripolis

Tripolis was one of the developed ancient sites. The economical situation level was so high that the governor and wealthy people of the site built a fountain that reflected the glory of the site. It is guessed that it was built in 2nd century AD.

Its purposes were to get cool in summer days and to reflect the wealthy level of the site. Also it was honourable pool for Emperor Hadrianaus.

The oldest mosaic of Anatolia; probably from Hitites period

We all think that mosaics belong to Roman Age probably but this one is older than Roman Age. It was unearthed in a Hittites residence region. It is thought that it was on the ceiling of a holy building.

More than this, this ancient site can be the lost Hittite site. It isn’t certain right now. The excavations are going on. So we will get detailed information in future.

An altar that is around 1800 years old

During the excavation of Hadrianapolis ancient site which is located on Black sea region of Turkey, an altar that is supposed to be very important for the ancient culture was unearthed. It is guessed that it is around 1800 years old.

A woman figure with wheat belt is making a vow. Archeologists think that she is a goddess that was named as Demeter. This cult was common in Roman era.

It is absolute that it is a holy carving that belongs to somewhere of holy areas.

Mental hospital of early ages;Cappadocia’s underground city

Derinkuyu underground city -Cappadocia

We know that Cappadocia has many mysteries under the ground. Underground cities of Cappadocia are so huge that even today a few parts of those ones are open to visit or unearthed. They are also so deep that we could unearth nearly half of them.

Derinkuyu underground city which is one of them has so great feature that it may shock you. The depths of the undergound city was used as mental hospitals. Absolutely they are the oldest mental hospitals of the world. Sick people were put in the rooms and probably they were left for death. It is terrifying. Today we can go down around 3 km. depth of the underground city but it is deeper than it.

A community was living in this underground city (it is guessed that there are more than 100 underground cities under Cappadocia). So we can see everything on social life of this community in this structure. Kitchens, rooms for sleep and toilet levels are the outstanding features. The passages are so tiny that only one person can move in.

Eastern Express; a new trend of travel

Eastern of Turkey offers us great sceneries in winter. Thanks to the snow and very cold winter, the nature paints great panoramas for the visitors.

The best travel mode to reach this beauty is by train. This express is named as touristic eastern express. The route starts from Ankara and finishes in Kars. This is a journey that takes around 30 hours. The departments of cars are with bed and the restaurant car is full equiped.

TCDD (Railways of Turkish Republic) is aimed to meet more people with the beauties of Eastern Turkey. There are some samples in the world of this sort of express such as Alaska Express in USA and Siberia Express in Russia.

Turkey is a country that offers the visitors every sort of travel mode.

What can I say more? Visit Turkey and be our guest…

National Geographic selected sightseeing places that should be seen in Turkey

Worldwide famous geography and discovery channel National Geographic prepared a list of sightseeing places in the world. Some of them are in Turkey. Actually they are well known places but it may surprise you. This is the list;

St.Sophia- Istanbul

Sumela Monastery- Trabzon

The cradle of civilizations- Mardin

Göbeklitepe ancient site – Şanlıurfa

Spice Market -Istanbul

Cappadocia- Nevşehir

This is another reason to discover Turkey.

Magicians were here..

We know that magic was one of the most common social way to curse someone or something in ancient period.

A stone that was carved a magic was unearthed. It seems that it is a vicious magic. It is so important that it was hidden for a long time. Southeastern Anatolia hides different sorts of archeaological treasures. It is assumed that it is around 2800 years old.

A creature that is named as “terminator” was aimed for this magic.