COVID-19 in Turkey; Virus infection is getting worse

Finally outbreak arrived to Turkey. According to last official reports, there are around 10,000 active cases and 130 deaths. I think that the numbers are higher than the official reports unfortunately. According to some rumors, the statics are close to Italy.

I would like to remind you some precautions in order to avoid the virus;

  1. Avoid close contact with people.
  2. Wash your hands often.
  3. Apply 1 mt. rule.
  4. Stay at home safely.
  5. If you travel abroad, apply 14 day quarantine rule.
  6. Be away from infected people…

I wish healthy days for the whole world…

Trailers; A new trend of Coronavirus quarantine days

Trailers are special vehicles for travellers. Also they are symbols of freedom in travel. It provides isolation during the vacations.

Some travellers prefer to leave big cities because of the coronavirus threat. Trailers are the suitable vehicles for this purpose. But it is valid for normal days. Please obey the quarantine rules so protect your self and the society.

Stay at home today and travel tomorrow…..

A sarcophagus lid that is used as coffin stone in the mosque

Turkish landscape is a place that you can witness incredible events. One of them is in Southeastern Anatolia.

A sarcophagus lid is being used as coffin stone in the mosque. This ancient sarcophagus is around 2000 years old. It belongs to Roman tomb. We know that it is worth exhibiting in museums.

I guess that it will be brought to museum sooner.

Some activities that can be done while staying at home

COVID-19 threat is so big that whole world is isolated. For the public security, all people should stay at home. Only in case of emergency, it is allowed to go out. It is getting more bored, as it gets longer. But we aren’t desperate about it.

Firstly keep your mood high, then obey the guidelines and stay at home. So you will protect yourself and society. Then try to spend your time by having funny activities, you won’t be able to get solicisation.

For example, you can visit the places and countries virtually and you can get more information on destinations. Thanks to internet, you can have information on Turkey as an example. You can see the sight seeing places of Turkey. You can enhance your travel info.

Take care of yourself and keep healthy..

Ottoman Erotic Handbook; A masterpiece among a few works

Sexuality was a taboo in Ottoman era. Due to the Islamic life style, art and sexuality were banned titles. Despite of this fact, some handbooks and miniatures were reproduced. But they are a few pieces.

One of these pieces is a handbook. It is estimated that it was written in the end of 18th century. Author and artists of the book are unknown. It is like a guide for a healthy and live sex life. We don’t have sufficient information on this guide.

Unfortunately it was brought to England in an unknown time period. It will be sold in an auction.

Bodrum after COVID-19 outbreak

Bodrum is one of the most popular holiday resorts in Turkey. It is full in any season of the year. Also it is known that Bodrum is a resort where a person can go to the beach at any time.

After the COVID-19 outbreak, Bodrum became very silent and the beaches are empty. We hope that it gets better in summer months and we can see more crowded beaches..

Be fine and we can meet in Turkey…

Solar Watch; time machine of ancient era

Solar Watch- Laodikya ancient site

Solar watches were time machines that used in ancient era. Especially Greek civilization developed this watch and spread to all developed ancient sites of the world.

Our ancestors were designing their season and times according to those watches. It was working up to the position of the sun and shadow on the diameter. Some of them are even functioning today.

Istanbul after COVID-19 outbreak

Istanbul is normally an active city and some districts such as historical peninsula are always busy. It was valid till COVID-19 outbreak. Today Istanbul is very silent and a few people is outside. There are some views from Istanbul after the COVID-19 outbreak;

Taksim Square
Galata Bridge
Sulltanahmet Square and Hagia Sophia

Byzantian couple that rebuilt Constantinople

I.Justinian and Queen Theodora

East Roman Empire’s capital Constantinople (New Rome) was rebuilt by Emperor I.Justinian and Queen Theodora. Emperor I.Justinian became an emperor and he rebuilt Constantinople siloutte. He stopped the Nika uprising and he had the Hagia Sophia built. It was the third and the last Hagia Sophia. Many cisterns were added to New Rome city. He had the city richened.

Queen Theodora was a very important figure for Byzantines because she contributed Constantinople with her character. She helped her husband to develop and to shape the capital. She was the consultant of her husband. Woman rights were on her agenda. She shaped the codes on social life.

Thus they had a great reputation in history.